Pre-Construction Assignments in Toronto: What You Need to Know

Pre-Construction Assignments in Toronto: What You Need to Know

Pre-construction assignments have become increasingly popular in Toronto’s real estate market. A pre-construction assignment occurs when a buyer purchases the right to a contract for a pre-construction property from the original buyer.

The buyer is purchasing the right to complete the buy of the property once it is completed. This practice allows buyers to purchase a property at a lower price. It can also be an attractive option for investors. But, pre-construction assignments come with risks. You should do your due diligence before purchasing. This article will explore what you need to know about pre-construction assignments in Toronto.

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Pre-Construction Assignments in Toronto

Understanding the Process of Pre-Construction Assignments

The process of pre-construction assignments in Toronto involves the sale of a property before it is completed. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. A buyer purchases a pre-construction property from a developer by signing a contract.
  2. The buyer can sell the property before it’s completed, where the pre-construction assignment comes into play.
  3. The buyer who wants to sell the property can put it on the market as a pre-construction assignment.
  4. Another buyer will buy the right to take over the contract from the original buyer. It means they will complete the buying of the property once it is completed.
  5. The original buyer will typically receive a deposit from the new buyer to transfer the rights to the contract. The new buyer will be responsible for paying any remaining balance once it is completed.

The original buyer is still responsible for paying any deposits or fees due to the developer. Responsibilities will stay even after the pre-construction assignment is sold. The process of pre-construction assignments can be complicated.


Benefits of Buying Pre-Construction Assignments

There are several benefits to buying pre-construction assignments in Toronto, including:

  1. Lower price: buyers can often buy the property at a lower price than they would pay once the building is completed. This can be particularly attractive to investors looking for a good deal.
  2. Potential for appreciation: Another benefit is the potential for the property to appreciate by time. If the market is strong, the property is worth more than the original price when completed.
  3. Customization options: you may have the option to customize certain property features. This can be a valuable benefit for buyers who want to personalize their new home.
  4. New construction: Pre-construction assignments, meaning buyers will purchase a new property. This can be an attractive option for buyers who want a modern property with the latest amenities.
  5. Time to save for a down payment: Pre-construction assignments can take several months or years. So buyers may have more time to save for their down payment. This can make homeownership more accessible to buyers. Especially If they may not have been able to afford a completed property.

Buying a pre-construction assignment is a good option for buyers looking for a good deal. But, buyers should know the risks associated with pre-construction assignments.

Costs Involved in Buying Pre-Construction Assignments

  • Deposit: Buyers must provide a deposit when they sign the contract. The deposit amount can vary but is usually a percentage of the total price.
  • Assignment fee: Some developers may charge an assignment fee. It is a fee paid by the original buyer to the developer to transfer the contract to a new buyer.
  • Legal fees: Buyers must hire a real estate lawyer to review the contract. The lawyer also can provide legal advice. Legal fees can vary depending on the complexity of the contract and the lawyer’s fees.
  • Closing costs: Buyers of pre-construction assignments in Toronto must pay closing costs. Closing costs include land transfer taxes, title insurance, and legal fees.
  • HST: Buyers must pay HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). The HST can be included in the purchase price, so buyers should clarify this with their lawyer.
  • Mortgage costs: Buyers who need financing must pay mortgage-related costs. It includes appraisal fees, mortgage insurance, and lender fees.
  • Maintenance fees: If the property is a condo, buyers will be responsible for paying monthly maintenance fees once it is completed. These fees can cover amenities, maintenance, and building insurance.
  • Occupancy fees: When the property is completed, buyers must pay occupancy fees until the registration of that. These fees cover the cost of living in the property before the buyer officially owns it. Occupancy fees can include maintenance fees and property taxes. They are typically lower than mortgage payments.
  • Potential price changes: The purchase price may change over time. If the buy price increases, the buyer may need to pay the difference at closing.

Buyers need to factor in all these costs when considering a purchase. Buyers should work with lawyers and other professionals to understand the costs involved. Being aware of the costs can help buyers make informed decisions and avoid surprises.

Timeline for Completing Pre-Construction Assignments in Toronto

The timeline for completing pre-construction assignments in Toronto can vary. It depends on various factors, including:

  • the size, 
  • the complexity of the project, 
  • the location, 
  • and the developer’s track record.

Here is a general timeline that buyers can expect:

  1. Pre-sales: During this period, the developer markets the project and sells pre-construction assignments. This period depends on the marketing strategy and the demand for the project.
  2. Construction period: Once enough pre-construction assignments have been sold, construction can begin. The length of this period can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Still, it can take anywhere from 1-5 years or more.
  3. Occupancy period: The developer will apply for occupancy permits once construction is completed. Buyers can move into their units during this period and begin paying occupancy fees.
  4. Registration period: Once the developer receives occupancy permits, they can apply for registration. This is the final step in the process, and it can take several months for the property to be registered.
  5. Closing: After the registration of the property, buyers must complete the purchase. This is when buyers become the official owners of the property.

Pre-Construction Assignments in Toronto

Final Thoughts on Pre-Construction Assignments in Toronto

Pre-construction assignments can be an excellent option for buyers looking to invest in real estate in Toronto. They offer the opportunity to buy a property at a lower price than it might cost once completed. Buyers can benefit from price appreciation over time. Pre-construction assignments allow buyers to customize their units and make choices about finishes.

To navigate the process of buying, buyers should work with experienced professionals. They should also do their due diligence on the developer, the project, and the location. It is necessary to ensure that it’s a sound investment.

Pre-construction assignments can be a wise investment strategy for those prepared to take risks. Buyers can reap significant rewards in the Toronto real estate market.

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